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lördag 3 maj 2014

Extreme Huntress - svensk utmanare

En svensk utmanare, Erika Bergmark, finns bland de 20 som tävlar om en plats i Extreme Huntress. Jag tycker att det skulle vara kul med en svenska bland finalisterna så gå in på Extreme Huntress och rösta på Erika!
Erika presenterar sig såhär:
I’m 24 years old and live in Sweden, north of Europe. I have 140-170 hunting days/season (of about 200 days). I love challenging hunting that requires high skills mentally and physically for success. I think hunting should be sporting, I almost do all hunting on my own.
When I graduated hunting and wildlife management college I was full-timed employed as an arms dealer on a hunting-store before I started study forestry and nature conservation. I have a Professional Hunters License in South Africa and been working as a guide in Canada. I reload my ammunition and have builded my own shooting range and always maintain my guns and optics. I take notes of all hunting and enjoy learning by doing.
I have been tracking marten on skies in -33C with 20kg backpack for several days on my own, one I tracked for 11 hours before dark fell. I used to play ice hockey in the ladies elite but hunting interest took over.
I have lived my life in a small village but I had a dream of going to Africa so I booked and planned a trip and took a Professional Hunters license in South Africa. Last year I was in Canada. I sended out email to random outfitters and offered myself working against food and living. An outfitter in British Columbia offered me work and I booked a one-way ticket flight. I was cutting trails and a .35 Whelen and a powersaw was the daily equipment for a few months. I guided moose- and bear hunters, called in a grizzly. I experienced lots of adventures and had a bear, moose and wolf and enjoyed an amazing landscape.
Ethics is important for me as well as a wise and sustainable wildlife management. The best hunters I know are also the ones that knows most about nature.
 Gå in och rösta på Erika!

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