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söndag 17 november 2013

Även de bästa kopierar - om Cold Steels finska designstöld

Jag har skrivit lite om olika företag som kopierat, eller plagierat, knivdesign och påstått sig ha hittat på det hela själva. Och detta gäller inte bara små obskyra företag som tycker att det är en bra idé att sno kända företags design, eller som Fällkniven uttrycker det när de blivit kopierade:
It’s sad to find that there are always a few unethical people who cannot resist the idea of making illegal copies. They steal the design and the entire concept which has taken us several years to develop, just to make money. Right now a factory in China is making copies of our famous knives F1 and A1. In order to really cheat you, they are adding our company name and logotype on the knife, the sheath and the box.
They sell worldwide, free of freight charge to any country outside China. If you visit AliExpress you will find numerous of companies which are there only to cheat you. They show true images of the original knife but ship knockoffs.
Since the cost of such a Chinese copy is around USD 10.00, it’s easy to buy a good number at low costs and trade them to inexperienced customers in Europe, in USA/Canada and everywhere. The production cost is less than USD 2.00.
Impostors have as well begun to put their own name and logotype on those copies, stating that the knife is made to their exact specifications. What’s strange is that their knife and sheath have got exactly the same measurements as the original knife and sheath. So, what a coincident! Of course they represent the criminal part of our society, they have started this business in order to cheat you.
Fällkniven själva blir emellanåt anklagade för att deras första kniv, F1, är en kopia av Cold Steels Master hunter. Men då har man nog inte jämfört dem speciellt noga. Visst finns det likheter men där finns stora skillnader både i frågan om blad och skaft, inte minst så har F1 nästan 1 cm kortare blad. Jag tycker inte att likheterna är så stora att man kan tala om plagiering. På sin höjd är det fråga om inspiration:
 Däremot så har Cold Steel själva gjort sig skyldiga till ett tydligt fall av plagiering. Låt oss titta närmare på först modellen Finn bear, därefter Sisu:
Två trevliga knivar med lite mer nordisk design på åtminstone bladet. Men det finns mer nordisk inspiration. Kikar man lite på nordisk knivdesign så hittar man strax Tapio Wirkkala och hans puukko, en kniv som faktiskt även finns representerad på The Museum of Modern Art i New York:
Där har vi uppenbarligen ett fall av plagiering i den högre skolan!
Skäms på er Cold Steel, skäms!

Tipstack till Rune Vikström.

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  1. Cold steel har inte stulit Tapio Wirkkalas design, de gjorde en "homage" till den och nämner t.o.m. hans namn i produktbeskrivningen.

    Cold Steel Sisu, Micarta Handle, Plain edge, VG-1 San Mai III, Leather Sheath

    Cold Steel's President, Lynn Thompson has long been an admirer of Finland and its people. As a sixth grade student, when he did a report on this tiny, but fiercely independent Scandinavian nation, he discovered the Puukko, the national knife of Finland. Eventually he met and married a Finnish girl from a city in the Michigan Upper Peninsula called Escanaba, and now has a whole clan of Finns to call his own. A uniquely Finnish characteristic he admires and tries to emulate that of Sisu (pronounced: siss-sue). Philosophically, it can be roughly described in English as…guts, tenacity, steadfastness, courage, and an indomitable will to succeed and survive. He even has a small plaque above his desk with only this simple word printed on it. So, in honor of his beloved wife, her family, and the entire Finnish people, he has revived and updated a classic Puukko originally designed by Tapio Wirkkala, and christened it, appropriately enough, “Sisu”. Because Lynn feels so strongly about this knife, we have spared no expense or labor in its manufacture. The taper ground blade is made from our exclusive VG-1 San Mai III® Stainless steel, and given an exquisite mirror polish finish, and a devastatingly sharp edge. A blade this handsome requires an equally attractive hilt. To that end, Cold Steel settled on using deep black linen micarta and set it off by a matching, highly polished nickel silver bolster and pommel. To complete this superb example of the knife maker's art they have housed the Sisu in a traditionally styled scabbard. Made of thick sturdy leather and equipped with an internal synthetic safety liner it is sure to give years of rugged service.

    Blade: 4"
    Thick: 4mm
    Weight: 4.6 oz.
    Handle: 4 5/8" Polished Linen Micarta
    Steel: Mirror Polished VG-1 San Mai III®
    Stainless w/Nickel Sliver Bolster and Pommel
    Sheath: Leather

    Price: $238.95